The Cannabis Industry's Most Innovative Tool for Retailers Yet

How many times have you run out of stock for an item in your store and struggled to find an equivalent? 🤔

Did you wish there was a technology that could suggest similar products to an item you're out of stock of, like music suggestions on Spotify? Look no further.

Cannametrics is proud to provide Retailers with our latest innovation: the Equivalent Product Finder.

The Equivalent Product Finder is one of Cannametrics' key features included in the Premium Package for Retailers.

Find out how to sign up for your Cannametrics Premium Package here!

How it works:

Cannametrics has developed a tool to help Retailers suggest similar products to their primary search. Our Equivalent Product Finder uses a special algorithm that reads products for their chemical metadata, which includes product type, cannabinoids, terpenes, strain, and more. This tool saves Retailers the guesswork of having to suggest equivalent products for out-of-stock items on the fly.

Want to expand your knowledge on all the new products released in your provincial distribution? The Equivalent Product Finder always accounts for new releases so that you'll always stay on top of your product knowledge.

How do I use the Equivalent Product Finder?

  1. Go to your Cannametrics Dashboard

  2. Click on the product you're currently out of stock of and open its Product Snapshot

  3. Scroll down the Product Snapshot to the Equivalent Product Finder

  4. Use the Cannametrics Equivalent Product Finder to discover similar product suggestions either within your inventory or in your provincial distribution

5. Share your knowledge with your team (aka your Budtenders!). Knowledge is power and our Equivalent Product Finder will give your store the edge to double down on your favourite products.

Ready to access your Equivalent Product Finder?

Did you know? Cannametrics is a leader in the cannabis industry by releasing an intelligent suggestion tool that suggests similar products to one of your primary search. How? Simply because Cannametrics is the only platform that contains data for all licensed cannabis products across Canada.

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