Cannametrics offers a variety of different packages to suit your operational needs. We've partnered with Cova and Greenline to help make your POS operations even more efficient and successful!

Integrating your POS is super simple! Find out how to integrate your POS for:

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Cannametrics Packages


Cannametrics Select

Retailers who sign up with Cannametrics automatically receive the Cannametrics Select package. This includes access to an abundant database filled with your favourite LPs' batch-level data! Benefits include:

Here's what it's like to get the beautiful batch-level data you deserve:

Cost: FREE


Cannametrics Pro

Users have the ability to integrate their POS* with Cannametrics to receive notifications on price changes and new batch alerts. Integrating your POS is quick and simple! Benefits of Cannametrics Pro include:

Here's what being conveniently updated looks like:

Cannametrics Pro also allows users to follow every product in their inventory - letting you receive notifications on price changes and new batch alerts on products that already exist in your shop!

*Current POS offerings are presently available for Cova and Greenline users.

Cost: FREE

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Cannametrics Premium

With all of the above features included, Cannametrics Premium will allow you to access our sleek and beautiful Retailer Dashboard.

Retailer Dashboard

Our Retailer Dashboard provides you with full real-time in-store analytics right at your fingertips. Complete with beautiful graphs and charts, Retailer Dashboard provides you with everything you need to know in a snapshot view. Additionally, Retailer Dashboard allows users to take in-depth views into essential product information which is essential for your team.

Here's a sneak peek of it:

Cannametrics Retailer Dashboard includes:

  • Easy-to-read sales analysis in elegant visual charts

  • Daily sales and transactions

  • Products in stock

  • Brands carried

  • Best Sellers

  • *Equivalent Product Finder

  • *Product Snapshot

  • Sales velocity (ranked list by product category)

*We want to highlight two incredible features that are completely unmatched and unique — all exclusive to Cannametrics Premium. They are:

Equivalent Product Finder

  • Suggests similar products from the Provincial Board (OCS, AGLC, LDB) relating to your inventory. Great to leverage when either a product is sold out/unavailable or if you’d like to double down on a different SKU or best seller

  • Saves you time in scouring around looking for similar products as there are a plethora of products available on the market

Product Snapshot

Within the Retailer Dashboard, you'll be able to access Product Snapshots - effortlessly access relevant product information where your Budtenders can easily convey.

Product Snapshot sneak peek:

Cannametrics Premium Package provides you with all the analytic tools you and your team have been needing! Retailer Dashboard will save you time and effort by giving you the essentials at a glance.

Cost: $99.99/month per store

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