There's no "I" in "TEAM" and you definitely need all hands on deck to sail a ship. Producer Connect is here to help every single member of your team so that you can collaboratively create beautiful product profiles. By adding multiple accounts under your brand, all of your colleagues can access and benefit from Producer Connect.

Added colleagues are considered secondary users or "editor users". This allows them to:

  • Add products

  • Edit brand and product information

  • Upload CoAs for new batches

  • Message Retailers

Note: Editor Users cannot access billing information or account fees - this is information accessible maintained by the parent user only.

Here's how to add multiple users under your organization's name:

1) Add a Team Member

Start by logging in under the organization owner's account. Click My Account > Account Data > User Accounts. You'll see your list of member accounts here and they'll be listed as "Editors". Click the "+ Add Editor User" and enter your team member's name & email. Finalize this by hitting "+" on the far right to add your team member.

Note: Sales Representatives have different accessibility under your organization's account and should be added under the "Sales Rep" tab located in your Account Data.

2) Have Your Team Members Accept Account Invite

Your added team members will receive an automatic invitation to their email to join Producer Connect under your organization's name. This email will ask your coworkers to set their own individualized passwords. This will give each user their own editor account inside your organization.

3) Sign In and Start Exploring!

Your team members with accounts will now be able to access Producer Connect under your organization's name once they've completed their log-in details. The responsibility for managing product details and messaging Retailers can be shared amongst your co-workers.

Remember: Teamwork makes the dream work πŸ’ͺ Together, you'll have the power to create and maintain incredible profiles to show to Retailers across Canada!

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