Hitting the "like" button on your favourite content seems like an integrated part of our daily lives these days. To help streamline your cannabis procurement process and get updates on your favourite products, we've integrated that same functionality into Producer Connect!

Here's how it works:

1) Select Your Province

Begin by clicking the drop down menu at the top of the page and select the province you'd like to see products available in.

TIP: You can manage more provinces you'd like to receive product updates from by going to My Account > Account Data > Notifications > Check the boxes beside the provinces you'd like to be notified for. (Your settings will be automatically saved after you've made your selections).

2) Click the Heart (❀️) Icon Beside Your Products of Interest/Favourites

Clicking the "like" button on your products of interest will enable you to "follow" said product and sign you up for updates on when the product has either a batch update or a price update.

3) Check Your Notifications πŸ””

There are two types of notifications you'll receive in the the small bell πŸ”” icon in the top right corner:

  • New Batch Notification - triggers when a new batch is added to the product in a province that you follow (but not if a new batch is added that doesn’t include a province you follow)

  • Price Update Notification - triggers when the price of a product changes in a province that you have notifications set for. This will alert you when there's been a price change to a previous price, or the MSRP changes, or the case price changes.

Click the bell to see your notifications, then click "View All" to see an expanded list of recent updates on your "liked" products.

Tip: Products highlighted in green represent products that have not been viewed yet.

4) Check Out Your Liked Products On a List

Find your list of liked products by clicking "Lists" in the top tab. Then scroll down and find "My Followed Products". This will be your full list of liked products (and all the products you're currently receiving notifications on).

5) Check Province Availability

Province availability will be displayed under the product's name, specific to lot/batch. Provinces highlighted in green represent availability in your selected province. Provinces highlighted in grey represent non-availability in your province.

5) Follow Your Own List

Have an already-made list you'd like to follow all the products on? You definitely can. Go to your lists, scroll down to your specific list in mind, and click either the heart beside the list name to "follow all" or click on the list name and "follow all" at the list's expanded view.

Now you can stay up-to-date on the latest for specific products of your liking and customize what products to be notified about. What's not to ❀️?

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