Producers can now select specific provinces in which they want to search and speak with specific retailers.

Here's how:

1) Select Your Brand

Select Messages in the top tab. Choose one of your brands that you'd like to send a message from.

2) Create a New Message

Once you've selected your brand, click "New Message". Next to the list of highlighted green provinces, click "Clear Selection" to prepare to select your preferred provinces.

2) Choose your Retailer's province(s)

Select your specific province of interest and explore the retailers in that province!

*Note: You can select more than one province to do a batch search of retailers in multiple provinces. See example below:

3) Draft your message and send!

Select the Retailer you'd like to reach out to and craft your message. You can upload digital assets such as images or .pdf files to send in your message as well. After you're finished, hit "Send message".

4) Wait for a response!

Retailers will get an immediate notification that you've messaged them.

TIP: You can increase your success in sales by being the first to initiate a conversation with a Retailer ā€” simply because they're very active on our messaging feature. Retailers demonstrate higher levels of buying products from LPs (along with higher levels of brand loyalty) when the LP reaches out first! We've made building rapport and connections on Producer Connect so easy.

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