Fresh off the press! Staying current and with-the-cannabis-times is our priority. That's why we send important notifications directly to your email regarding Newest Onboarding Producers and Weekly Announcements to keep you updated.

What do these include?

1) Newest Onboarding Producers

In these emails, you can expect exciting information on latest Producer launches, their brands and philosophies, and of course, the ground-breaking products they bring directly to Producer Connect.

These emails will include:

  • New LP's and their brands to join Producer Connect

  • Their featured products

  • The LPs' generously shared batch-level information on all of their products (exclusive information not included by Provincial Boards)

2) Weekly Announcements

Our Weekly Emails feature the newest Producer additions, brand new products, community announcements, and more. Get notified on the most leading-edge news to hit the cannabis market directly to your email:

  • The most recent updates to the Producer Connect blog

  • Featured products of the week

  • New product releases

  • Products with new batches

We provide this critical information straight to your inbox so that you don't waste a beat trying to gather it yourself. No more FOMO. You'll never miss out on important product launches again!

Are you not receiving any of these emails? We’ll be more than happy to include you - reach out to us at [email protected]

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