Do you need information from your Producers quicker than playing phone-tag? Understandable. Retailers are flooded with email chains from multiple LPs - simply too much to keep track of and emails can get missed.

Our Direct Messaging has got you covered. Producer Connect has a clean, easy, and efficient internal messaging system where you can easily strike a conversation with Producers. Our Direct Messaging includes:

  • One clean channel between your store and the LP

  • No more crazy email chains

  • An easy place to keep in touch with your LP

Message your Producers of interest directly to inquire on their brands, request information, or show interest in their products!

Here's how:

1) Select the Messages tab

2) Navigate your inbox

Organization is key. Messages will be filtered by Producer Brand Name on the left side. Click on the Brand Name to view your conversation:

3) Create a message

Start a conversation with your Producer of interest by clicking New Message.

Select the Producer's specific Brand Name you'd like to message:

Write your message and hit "Send Message" when you're finished.

*TIP* You can add digital assets such as images or PDF files to send in your message

4) View messages and reply

Much like DM-ing, your conversation will create a thread between you and the Producer. It's just that simple!

Manage your conversations between you and Producers

And there you have it! Gone are the days of waiting by your phone for a reply. Our Direct Messaging is a faster and collaborative two-way street. đź’Ś

Any questions? Feel free to ask away at [email protected]

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