Our goal is to help you find new desirable products and help you reorder stock of equivalent products when your current ones are sold out. Producer Connect empowers you to create beautiful product lists through our detailed in-depth filtering system.

We want to aid you in staying competitive in product selection and enable you to curate the best possible products to offer to your community. Our filter customizations include:

  • Variation Sizes

  • Subspecies selection

  • THC/CBD Thresholds

  • Terpenes selection

Full access to precise scientific batch-level data is easily accessible at your fingertips. We want to help you easily find new products to fulfill the specific niches you’re looking for.

Here's how:

1) Filter by province

To see only the products that are available in a particular province(s), click the drop-down menu

2) Navigate to the Products area

Select the Products tab from the top right of the screen

3) Filter by Product Attributes and/or Producer

Select the More Filters button from the right side of the screen

Use the various drop-down menus, sliders, and search boxes to select attributes that you want to filter for

*Note that when Flower is selected as the Product Type, a Moisture Content filter appears

Select the View Products button at the bottom of the filters window to see all products with the selected attributes

4) Clear the Filters

Create as many filters as you need to find the exact products you're looking for. Your applied filters appear under the Filters button

After you are done exploring the filtered products, make sure to clear the filters using either the highlighted "clear filters" tab beside the applied filters or hit More Filters and click Clear Filters button at the bottom of the filters window

Exploring cannabis products through scientific precision has never been easier - until now. Yay for filters! πŸ‘

Any questions? Feel free to ask away at [email protected]

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