Identify who on your team will manage your account and listings on Producer Connect; The Producer Connect Manager. We recommend a Marketing Manager or equivalent.

As soon as you create your Producer Connect account, our Customer Success Team will be in touch with the account creator to schedule an onboarding meeting with your Producer Connect Manager and their team, as needed.

The Producer Connect Manager will need to have ongoing access to the items listed below (for example, via a shared folder).

1. Marketing assets, including product photos and descriptions

2. Certificates of Analysis (COAs), as soon as they are received from the laboratory

3. Information on product variations, including sizes (e.g. 1g, 3.5g, etc.) and GTINs

4. Information on the product variations made from each lot/batch and the province(s) to which each lot/batch is being shipped

Now the Producer Connect Manager will consistently have everything they need to add New Products and Batches as soon as they come out!

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