“Products” may include several variations (or SKUs) of the same strain and product type and usually contain multiple lots/batches.

"Variations" are different packaging sizes, presentations or flavours of a Product.

For example: You may produce flower, budder and shatter with your Pink Kush. These would constitute three separate products, as a separate lab test(s) would be required for each final product. You may name them all Pink Kush if you like, but it’s best to distinguish them within the name, e.g. Pink Kush Flower, Pink Kush Budder and Pink Kush Shatter. Within the Pink Kush Flower product, you may offer 3 variations with names: 1g Package, 3.5g Package and Pre-rolls (2 x 0.5g). Within the Pink Kush Budder you may offer 2 variations with names: 0.5g Jar and 1 g Jar, and likewise for the Pink Kush Shatter.

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